Welcome to Hanvey X2 Sprinter Grooming Vans.
Treat yourself with the money saved on your current generator and van's gas bill.

Put Your colorful exterior graphics on the inside for greater customization.




Hanvey X2 Sprinter Video

You will reduce your current mobile gas bill by more than half which means Approx. $200 to $600 in savings that you can now you can spend on yourself.
(based on Hanvey Sprinter 20 MPG compared to  Ford E-series based grooming vans that only get 3-10 MPG)

Enough room for two groomers if needed!
No one offers more space in an easy to drive smaller van.

Hanvey X2 Sprinters c
an accommodate up to two(2) people comfortably with plenty of room for a few visitors. Notice all of the open floor space in front of the tub and in front of the table. Keep in mind this is in the smaller version of the Hanvey X series grooming vans.


Do you really think you need more space than this? Ask about our X3 option.
(listed in price sheet at bottom of this page)

14 Gauge Stainless Steel Custom Tub System

Removable clear Lexan big dog passageway allows a dog to walk directly into the tub
 from the grooming table! No ramp required!


A Hanvey Exclusive

A recessed drain basin keeps the Hanvey Bathing Beauty power bathing system in plenty of water to operate properly and dogs are never standing is water. Eliminates the need for troublesome paw trapping grating!




Little Dog Bathing Shelf Saves Your Back!

The easy stow away Little Dog Bathing Shelf eliminates bending over to bathe medium to small dogs. The Little Dog Bathing Shelf brings the dog to a comfortable height to help prevent back strain.



Low Riding, Super Easy Driving, Aerodynamic Body
With Mercedes European Looks and Styling!

(Sprinter X2 Shown)
ONLY 8'9" tall
including the vents!

Now you can use the "Drive Thru" for lunch.

Not too big! Not Too Small!


Sprinter X2 Standard Length Shown


State of the art "Super Bright" LED Lighting
Another Hanvey Exclusive!

Illuminates the Dog more than the wall for greater contrast and scissoring is much easier on the eyes.


Put colorful graphics on the inside and exterior to customize your interior.





How spacious is a Hanvey X Series grooming van?
Ample storage in drivers cab and work area!
Enough open, free space to allow you to grow your storage and your business grows.



The Perfect Drink Holders!

Perfectly placed and sized drink holders. One on the dash left of console. One at the left leg on door that can handle the "Super Sized" drinks without worry of spilling in the main cab flooring area.






Important Papers, Journals and Log Storage

A not so obvious storage compartment under the passenger side floor.






Notice the overhead / over visor storage areas.
A very nice standard feature in the Sprinter cab.






 Open the back door and you have easy access to plumbing and equipment.

In past designs, plumbing was "built-in" and for the most part hidden.  In fact, some plumbing could not be accessed without removing tanks and wall panels.  The X2 gives you easy access to all plumbing.  Easy, slide in, slide out water pumps that can be changed out in seconds. Plus, there are no hidden areas that can freeze in the middle of a cold winter night.

A Hanvey First!  Both water tanks can be easily removed in about two minutes!  If you need to clean the gray water tank, take it out, open its top cap and clean it out.  It simply can't get any easier than this!

A view port allows you to easily see the water level in the fresh water tank.


The new Sprinter's front cab interior!
Click to see more cab interior pictures....


"Not Too Big...Not Too Small" TM


Sprinter X2 Price Worksheet
**Prices and product design subject to change without notice prior to "Purchase Contract".   
Toll Free 1-866-281-9593   for details    






The empty van before we add the grooming conversion.
Freightliner or Mercedes 2500 Sprinter
144" WB High Top Van (*typical cost, cost of van shell will vary. Sprinter standard length 144" WB units can range from $37k to $43k)




Premium Hanvey X2 Package
Sprinter Grooming Van
Full height walk through door in wall between cab and grooming area. No Stooping thru low doors. Locks when your security matters and has a window for eliminate blind spots.


"Sure-Seal"  Baseboard/Flooring System (Gray Only)



840 Amp Hour 3000 Watt Inverter System Included!  
Dual open face cabinets to right side of table.


Ascot  "Low Lift" electric elevator table is standard!


Forever StainlessSteel Custom stainless steel tub, 14 gauge thick. Thickest Steel tub on the market Included!  
Non-Electrical safety air bulb switching system for all devices around the tub. Included!  
65 gallon fresh water storage tank system with Hi Flow 4.0 GPM pump (warm water fill ready with insulated tank.) Included!  
40 gallon dirty water storage tank system with HiFlow 4.0 GPM pump. (65 gallon dirty water tanks available in larger X3 mobile only) Included!  
Quick change, tool free, modular equipment installation design. Change water pumps, etc. with no tools required. Included!  
35-40,000 BTU A/C System!Brrrrrr Non-roof top, factory spec. rear air conditioning system (almost 3 times the BTU of any competitor rooftop A/C! Included!


White, high gloss walls( "Dry Erase" markable!)


1 Skylight/power roof vent, 3 Speed, reversible flow.


2nd Skylight/roof vent to allow air to come into the Sprinters work space. A must have.


Lighting, 4 Super Bright LED, 1- Dual Bulb 4' Designer Fluorescent Light Fixture


Plug in 120 volt power system back-up w/ cord Included!  
Dedicated plug in port for winter night heat Included!  
Passenger Side top access floor storage cabinet Included!  
Diamond plate, 1/8" thick, floor step edge trim Included!  
1/2"  thick walls. You can hang just about anything on the walls. (most builders use thin 1/8 to 3/16 thick materials paneling grade wall material behind the laminate) Included!  
HairVac(formerly known as Taxi Vac) Precision Clipper Vacuum System Included!


Integrated, ultra high force Hanvey Hi "V" Dryer and Turbo Booster Combo included! Included!


Link Interval Positioning System, "LIPSystem SS TM" with table (no extra charge!)



Central housekeeping vacuum system. Included!


A 14' housekeeping vacuum hose that collapses down to 4'  Included!  
Ability to warm the entire fresh water tank. Never run out of warm water, Ever! Included!  
Tankless, instant hot water system standard!
You never run out of nice and warm comfy dog bathing water!
Insulated fresh water tank allows you to "Warm Water Fill" or heat your entire tank to bathing temperatures if you desire.


Bathing Beauty Hydro Massage Bather System (Hanvey Exclusive!)





Options and Add-On Items

"Additional Storage" kit that will be installed during your orientation so everything is located where you want it for your personal reach and storage desires. Treat yourself to the best additional tool storage setup for extra storage of spray bottles and shampoo bottles.

Includes: 1- wall mounted clear scissor holder 1- Clear wall mount clipper blade holder 1- Kennel Gear Table Caddie(on table or on wall next to table) 1- additional 6 bottle wall mounted shampoo bottle long wall storage box(up to 10 of these bottle racks can be installed at an additional charge but highly not recommended), Additional 1" and 3/4" "C" wall "C" clips for wall storage of brushes and other grooming tools.


Extreme Climate Insulation Package Upgrade For that extra "edge" in extremely high sun heat or cold business locations (standard insulation is in all Sprinter conversions at no extra charge.)


 Speakers in work area tied into front audio system, ear stereo balanced, marine grade.



Electronic Reverse Camera w/ 7" Color Monitor (bumper mount not roof top, "view anytime" format)


Additional Shampoo/Conditioner Pump Dispensing Station with 1 gallon bottle storage rack


Plexi-Glass Safety Mirror On Wall Behind Table (24"x30")


High Quality Exterior Graphics Designed Just For You!

Call For Quote

Spare fresh water pump assembly including 1 water pump w/ mounting brackets


Spare drain pump  "quick swap" cartridge


Custom Stainless Steel Bottle Storage Rack for extra storage of extra spray bottles and shampoo bottles.



Hanvey X3 Upgrade. Upgrade to longer Sprinter 170(23 feet long) Wheel base and the interior has an additional ~18 square feet of floor space and a drawer storage cabinet with counter top located beside the table.



Estimated Total Unit Cost (Sum all items listed above, This price is less Shipping/Tags/Title/Taxes/Fees)



Easy to operate and drive. The safest and most secure grooming van on the market!
Of course... it's a Hanvey!

Toll Free 1-866-281-9593



The easy to operate and drive. The safest and most secure grooming van on the market!
Of course... it's a Hanvey!

Toll Free 1-866-281-9593




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