Welcome Hanvey Sprinter Grooming Vans X3, grooming van built by Hanvey Engineering & Design LLC

Over 11 years of Sprinter Building Experience!

GX7 Sprinter Grooming Van Vans by Curtis, Chris  Hanvey Specialty Engineering, BAM Boom
How much interior standing room?
Hanvey X3 has 42 sq.ft. Standing room
Almost double the standing room so you and two other people can work together with ease.

   Hanvey X3


Their Shuttle Bus

20 mpg!


6-8 MPG!

Sprinter X2 Standard Length Shown

14 Gauge Stainless Steel Custom Tub System (thicker than 16 gauge)

Removable Lexan side allows dog to walk directly into the tub
 from the grooming table! No ramp required!


A Hanvey Exclusive. A recessed drain basin eliminates the need for grating plus, the Bathing Beauty power bathing system always has enough water to operate properly but the dogs are never standing is water.


Little Dog Bathing Shelf Saves Your Back!

The easy stow away Little Dog Bathing Shelf eliminates bending over to bathe medium to small dogs. The Little Dog Bathing Shelf brings the dog to a comfortable height, removable and easy to store.



Engineer's Note
"We use 14 gauge stainless steel."

"Stainless steel thickness is measured by gauge.  Gauge can be confusing since a larger gauge number means a thinner metal.  Our X2's stainless steel tub is an institutional/restaurant grade 14 gauge 304 stainless steel.  Most tubs are made with thinner 16, 18 or even 20 gauge steel.  To help you understand the importance of gauge, 14 gauge stainless is 33% thicker than 16 gauge. We have learned over the many years of being in the grooming industry that 14 gauge is required if you do not want to develop small dents in the tub as you use your tub. We use 14 gauge stainless steel even though it makes our tub cost more than double that of other tubs. 14 gauge also assures the best welds that will hold for as long as you own the tub.  This means we do not have to caulk seal the corner seams like the 18 and 20 gauge tubs."  

Toll Free 1-866-645-1986


Sprinter x2 Standard Length Shown

Hanvey X3    vs     X2 Length

X3 = 23 feet long

X2 = 19 feet long


Engineer's Note

"Why is it that new mobile groomers want huge trucks while experienced mobile groomers want smaller?"

Our Largest, Max 18Over the years I have noticed a trend that is very predictable.

When I a groomer calls wanting the largest grooming van we build, I will ask them, "Have you ever groomed mobile before?"

In most cases, the groomer wanting the largest units have never been mobile.  On the other hand,  I have found that most experienced mobile groomers have little interest in larger mobiles.  Why?

"The inside may look and feel like a grooming salon but you have to keep in mind that you are going to be driving and parking these huge "RV's" in neighborhoods with narrow streets and cars parked along the side of these streets. Never mind the low hanging limbs that regularly hit the upper portions of these huge units.  You will face this challenge 6-10 time a day. Are you really up to that?"    If you are, we will gladly build you a Max 14 or Max 18.

Click here to read the entire article



Toll Free 1-866-645-1986

Ample Driver/Cab Office Storage!



The Perfect Drink Holders!

Perfectly placed and sized drink holders. One on the dash left of console. One at the left leg on door that can handle the "Super Sized" drinks without worry of spilling in the main cab flooring area.








Important Papers, Journals and Log Storage


A not so obvious storage compartment under the passenger side floor.  






Notice the overhead / over visor storage areas.
A very nice standard feature in the Sprinter cab.






Sprinter X2 Standard Length Shown

Sprinter X2 is a "Real" Mercedes van.

Mercedes or Ford?
Why would you buy their Ford when you can have a Mercedes for less!

Note: All units sold in the US are now labeled under Freightliner and Mercedes Brands.


     GX7 Sprinter Grooming Van Vans by Curtis,  Hanvey Specialty Engineering

Super Clean, Super Quiet, Super Mileage Mercedes Diesel Engine



Smelly, soggy, rotting subfloors are history in Hanvey Sprinters!

Your investment is protected from value robbing water damage.


Almost all wood products that are commonly used by competitors has been elimnate and replaced with non-wood materials that are water proof. Special seal methods also prevents water from getting under the floor or behind the walls.

Toll Free 1-866-645-1986

Want a colorful interior? Put graphics on the interior walls.

Want to add color to your new Hanvey interior? Don't choose padded vinyl that retains smelly moisture and odor. Use exterior grade, waterproof graphics just like the graphics you put on the outside of your van.

The Hanvey Sprinter interior has loads of white wall space that can be decorated just like your van's exterior.

This is the only van designed that will allow significant graphics work inside the van too.

(The shown blue interior system is not available in 2013 models)

EZ Access Rear Utilities Compartment

EZ-access and no vinyl covers to trap moisture or prevent heat circulation around plumbing during the winter months.Helps prevent frozen plumbing.

Rear door access gives a wide open equipment compartment with "next generation", fully integrated, modular, easy/quick change, low maintenance grooming equipment systems.

But notice in the picture to the right, none of the equipment is visible from the front of a Hanvey. This means quieter dryers, faster clean-up and neat appearance.



A powerful high velocity drying system and Taxi Vac / HairVac Clipper Vacuum System are STANDARD in X2 and X3 models.

The Hanvey Hi "V" dryer system is designed specifically to meet the challenges of mobile grooming. The Hanvey Hi"V" system can operate at 13 amps yet work like a 18 amp dryer.  At 13 amps, the Hanvey Hi"V" system gives you the power found on most 20 amp dryers and is not as likely to trip a power breaker if you ever need to "plug in" or "shoreline" for AC power.

To learn more about the Hanvey Hi "V" visit www.hairvac.com or click on the picture.

To learn more about our Taxi Vac/HairVac Clipper Vacuum System click here.

Look at this door!  Easy access, full height studio entry. No more stooping! And it can be locked for your security!

We abandoned the short door a long time ago.  Have you ever noticed how short the bulkhead wall door is in the competition's huge 6-8 mpg Elite*?Big bus yet tiny door?! Hmmmm. You have to crawl through their door. Even their latest Sprinter design has a short door.

Also notice that we a window in this door  to eliminate several driving blind spots. This door window allows you to look through the door and through the vans sliding side entrance door window to see cars in the lane beside you.

Toll Free 1-866-645-1986

Why is Hanvey the only builder willing to give you a professional grade clipper vacuum system as a standard?

Don't you hate it when you have a grooming van's price figured out but then you learn that you must add needed options and suddenly the cost of your dream mobile increases by $3,000-$5000 over the advertised price? 

Hanvey made a decision to avoid this "price building" tactic.  If a groomer needs it, it is already a standard part of the design. Every Sprinter X-2 and X-3 includes the clipper vacuum as a standard item at no extra charge.

Hanvey was the first to make the electric table and clipper vacuum standard in our line-up. 


Look at all of the natural light in our X2 and X3's.


It is not uncommon to find Hanvey mobile groomers working without their lights on because of our sky light vents and windows.

Most Hanvey Sprinter X series mobiles are built on vans with windows in the passenger side door and the back doors but you get to choose. Couple this with the wonderful window we have designed into our bulkhead door and the overhead skylighting located directly above the cabinet, table and tub and you have one bright, comfortable work area.

You will not find this much natural lighting in any other mobile grooming van.

What about our lighting?

Hanvey X series  mobiles have 10 year warranty "Super Bright" LED lighting systems. Plenty of light on top of the natural light.   

Our Engineer loves to clearly see what he is working on in contrast against a somewhat darker background so he decided to carefully design the Hanvey X series "LED" lighting system.  If you ever visit top rated production factories you will find highly ergonomic work stations that utilize variations of directed lighting systems. You have also seen directed lighting systems in  many of the new jewelry and clothing stores. Directed lighting and slightly darker walls or surroundings is why the rings, watches or "fab" clothes look so nice. It works the same way with lighting a dog on the table. Fantastic!

Why are the walls not brightly illuminated with the directed lighting?

What some unknowing people may see as low lighting on the wall is actually directed lighting in which we intentionally do not highly illuminate the walls. Sometimes it gives the appearance of low lighting. But wait, put a dog on the table or in the tub and the the dog glows with illumination many times brighter and more contrasting because the wall behind the dog is slightly darker. This is designed this way on purpose.  This contrasting makes it very easy to see the hair on white or black dogs. It helps you see even the smallest hairs because they glow with crisp, full spectrum light. This hair "glow" is even visible in the photo below.


You will love this carefully crafted lighting layout coupled with the wonderful sunlight from the sky lights.

Toll Free 1-866-645-1986

The Hanvey X series interior is designed for fast and easy clean-up and maximum protection against water damage.

The X series interior is design to be simple and easy to maintain.  Our goal is to
design a "look" that is  "clean", easy to keep clean, "uncluttered", fresh smelling and "professional" while taking advantage of the latest technologies to prevent water damage and minimize odor problems.

No lights or camera flash were used to make the picture to the left! Look at how bright the natural lighting is in the Hanvey X series mobile.  Plus, bright full spectrum, directed LED lights when you need them.

Both roof vents also serve as skylights.   Notice the bright vent at top center of  this picture.  One sky light vent is located over the grooming table area.   The second is located over the tub area.   The large standard side door entry window adds even more light.  X3 can be purchased with a third venting skylight.    Rear door windows are optional on some Sprinters.

Here is another Hanvey Exclusive!

The Hanvey whole tank, warm water system means that you never run out of warm bathing water!

The entire fresh water tank is insulated and kept warm and ready for use throughout the day if you choose to Warm Water fill your tank rather than use the standard water heating system.  65 gallons of warm water without the worry of having a hot water heater trip a circuit breaker.
The simplicity is a welcomed change for those of you who have owned older propane and electric hot water tank mobile grooming vans.

The new Sprinter's front cab interior!
Click to see more cab interior pictures....


Toll Free 1-866-645-1986

Sprinter Test Drive Reviews


All Hanvey X Series Grooming Studios are insulated for maximum comfort!

Scroll down for pricing information.

"Not Too Big...Not Too Small" TM


Toll Free 1-866-645-1986



**Prices and product design subject to change without notice prior to "Purchase Contract".                     





Longer Freightliner/Dodge/Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 170" WB High Top Van (*typical cost, cost of van shell will vary. Sprinter standard length units can range from $43k to $47k)

Truck Body  $43k to $47k*



X2 Sprinter Grooming Studio Conversion The Grooming Conversion


Full height walk through door in wall between cab and grooming area. No Stooping thru low doors. You need this door! (locking and has a window for eliminate blind spots)


 A Hanvey Exclusive
"Sure-Seal" Non-wood subfloor/ Wall/Flooring System (Gray Only) Custom colors available for an extra charge and longer delivery time.



700 Amp Hour 3000 Watt Inverter System-  Over half of the battery charging is done by the vans engine while you drive leaving only half to be charged in the evening. (expect power bill increase of $20-60/month. That's cheap power and is very green.) Included!  
a single three drawer cabinet with locking drawers and high durability work surface. Included!  
Ascot  Electric Low Lift Table Is Standard! Included!  A Hanvey Exclusive
Custom stainless steel tub, 14 gauge thick (thickest steel on the market with recessed bay and side access from table with removable lexan partition/water shield. Included!  
Non-Electrical safety air bulb switching system for all devices around the tub. Included!  
65 gallon fresh water storage tank system with Hi Flow 4.0 GPM pump (warm water fill ready with insulated tank.) Included! -----
45 gallon dirty water storage tank system with HiFlow 4.0 GPM pump. (65 gallon dirty water tanks available in X3 mobile only)


Quick change, tool free, modular equipment installation design. Change water pumps, etc. with no tools required.


A Hanvey Exclusive
35-40,000 BTU A/C System! Non-roof top, factory spec. rear air conditioning system (almost 3 times the BTU of any competitor grooming van!) plus a  20,000 BTU rear heater for winter months.


A Hanvey Exclusive

White high gloss walls
(ready for you to put graphics on if you want to add color to the interior)
1 Skylight/power roof vent, 3 Speed, reversible flow. Included!
2nd Skylight/roof vent, passive
(The competition charges extra for this second vent?? Why? The power vent can't move airt unless a second vent is installed. Don't they know this basic air flow fact?)
Lighting, Super Bright LED fixtures on the working side, One Dual 4' Bulb Designer Fluorescent Light Fixture on the passenger side of ceiling. Included!  
Shore line (plug in) powered 120 volt system back-up Included!  
Dedicated plug in port for winter heat


Diamond plate, 1/8" thick, floor trim


1/2"  thick walls. You can hang just about anything on these walls.


Passenger side covered storage compartment. Included!  
Taxi Vac/HairVac Precision Clipper Vacuum System with safe low voltage wired remote control above the grooming table is Standard!


A Hanvey Exclusive
Click Here!

Integrated, Hanvey Hi "V" Dryer


Click Here!

Turbo Booster dryer included to turbo charge the  Hi "V" dryer !
(For those who are addicted to super high air flow drying!)

Link Interval Positioning System, "LIPSystem SS TM" with table (no extra charge!) Included!

Click Here!

Central housekeeping vacuum system.



A 14' 1 1/4" diameter housekeeping vacuum hose that collapses down to 4' for easy storage.


 A Hanvey Exclusive
Ability to warm the entire fresh water tank. Never run out of warm water, Ever!


 A Hanvey Exclusive
Tankless, instant hot water system standard!
You never run out of hot water!


 A Hanvey Exclusive
Insulated fresh water tank
Allows you to "Warm Water Fill" if you want to.
Included!  A Hanvey Exclusive
Bathing Beauty Hydro Massage Bather System (Hanvey Exclusive!) Included!

Click Here!

Options and Add-On Items

Custom Top Access Deep Storage Cabinet for those who love excessive amounts of  storage, replaces the passenger side sitting bench listed as included above. 

Standard for  2013

Click Me!
Custom Bottle Storage Rack for extra storage of extra spray bottles and shampoo bottles.


Second Cabinet Upgrade beside grooming table to make this work station a dual cabinet system rather than a single cabinet. Second cabinet has a large swing open lower cabinet with one drawer above. $878  
Overnight Tank Warming System gives you tank full of bathing temperature water for the next grooming day. $398  
65 gallon dirty water storage tank upgrade $246  
3rd skylight vent for sky lighting over the cabinet area near the door.


Cold Extreme Climate Insulation Package Upgrade For Extremely Cold Business Locations (standard insulation is in all Sprinter conversions at no extra charge.)


 A Hanvey Exclusive
Extreme Climate Insulation Package Upgrade For Extremely Hot Business Locations (standard insulation is in all Sprinter conversions at no extra charge.)


 Speakers in work area ear balanced, marine grade.



Ascot Low Boy, Electric 250 Elevator Table (Upgrade)


Electronic Rear View Camera w/ Monitor (bumper mount, View anytime format)


Additional Shampoo/Conditioner Pump Dispensing system with 1 gallon rack(up to two additional systems can be added)


Plexi-glass Mirror On Wall Behind Table (24"x30")


Detailed Maintenance Labeling for Manual Free Servicing

2013 Standard

High Quality Exterior Graphics Designed Just For You!

Call For Quote

(Typical Full Scale Estimate $2500)
Spare water pump assembly including 1 water pump w/ mounting brackets (fits both gray and fresh water systems.)


Additional Towel Bar Located Beside Tub.


Additional Premium Flush Mount LED Directed Light Fixture


 "Color Me Wild" and "Candy Stripe" custom color interior package (You pick the colors.  Includes paw prints and color stripes on white areas of the interior.)

Only $228

Ultra-Power Inverter System Upgrade
Increase power system to 1000 amp hours storage.


SuperMax Inverter Power System Upgrade
Increase power system to 1300 amp hours storage.
(Available in X3 only)





Estimated Total Unit Cost (less Shipping/Tags/Title/Taxes/Fees)





"X3 Sprinter" Studio Conversion Includes:
e Factory installed high roof gives a 6'5" interior designed by Mercedes.
e Fully insulated walls and ceiling.
e Heating and air conditioning system is factory style engine assist heat and rear 35-40,000 BTU!! A/C system Eliminating 13-20amp of electrical demand. This feature is a Mercedes Freightliner Sprinter chassis exclusive!
e EZ Access, full height rear side entry to utility/equipment compartment. EZ access to all equipment.
e Complete seal Laminated/Sealed Poly Floor
e  Revolutionary custom recessed basin grooming tub means no dogs standing in water. No grate needed. Replaces the traditional use of stock full size fiberglass "Human" shower/ tubs systems.
e 65 gallons fresh water, 45 gallons gray. Each with quick removal access. Fresh water tank is insulated to keep water warm all day even in single digit outdoor temperatures! Never run out of warm water if you choose to "warm water fill".
e All walls and roof safety beam and structural body steel unmodified. Retains original Mercedes safety engineering design.
e Plug-in port for overnight charge and back-up AC power support if needed.
e Dedicated cord plug-in port allows for dedicated overnight winter heating and give a second source for cord plug-in power if needed during grooming operation.
e  700 AH battery bank with commercial grade 3000 watt inverter system for Primary AC power supply for dryers, vac, bather, clippers and misc. AC powered tools.  Keep in mind that the air conditioner and heating comes from power generated by the vans engine system...Not the inverter system.
e110 volt battery charger/converter system built-in the inverter to assure batteries stay fully charged during plug ins.  The Sprinter's diesel engine assists in charging the batteries while you drive.
e High gloss, easy to clean, white formica walls, ceiling and solid safety bulkhead wall with full height door w/ window.
eCommercial grade stainless steel, 14 gauge custom tub.
e Low exterior roofline profile will allow an Sprinter to fit in a standard 9' garage door. 8'9" height.
e "Real Level" tank view water level indicator allows you to see the tanks and the level of water in it.
e110 volt electrical service with localized breakers where required.
e Solid Safety Bulkhead Wall W/ solid door to eliminate hair and condensate from building up on the front cab windows on colder days. Eliminates the hassle of wiping down cab windows and van front A/C failure due to hair accumulation in the cab A/C under dash system.
e Hot/cold fresh water control system with 4.0 Gallon per minute "SureFlow" pump(Not 2.8 GPM)
e Interior tank hose discharge format eliminates drain port damage and prevents drain freeze-ups in winter.
e Hanvey Taxi Vac Clipper Vacuum System included! Another Hanvey Exclusive!
e Hanvey Hi "V"elocity Water Stripping Dryer with second motor turbo booster included!
e LIPSystem (Linked Interval Positioning System) grooming pet support.(regular groom arms can not be used due to extreme low and high positions the Elevator table can reach.) Another Hanvey Exclusive!
e Full size "NO STOOPING/Head Banging" main entry door. EZ one step entry with assist hand rail for easy grooming studio entry.
e Two sky light style "FanTastic" roof vents. One powered 3 speed reversible. One passive. No extra charge for the second sky light vent system.
e Built-in Bathing Beauty Hydro Massage Bathing System w/8 to 16 Gallons per minute flow. No more going outside to service the filter or bather pump. Stay comfortable inside.
e Formica ceiling for easy cleaning and reduced moisture retention properties.
Quick change modular equipment installation design. Easy enough for most groomers to service. Another Hanvey Exclusive!
eOversize safety grab handle/rail at side entrance door.
eMirror finish luxury interior trim package including mirror finished aluminum crown molding wire chase panel cover.
e1/2" to 3/4" thick walls. Nothing under 1/2" which means you can hang just about anything on the walls.

Hanvey X2 and X3 Sprinter... The next generation of mobile grooming.

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